Discover the energetic anatomy of your home
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The nature and state of the subtle energy in your home is a core factor in determining your health and wealth
Your home...
... has its own unique energy character created from positive and negative forces of earth energy.  These paths of energy can be free-flowing... or blocked!

Some homes have great energy that supports you fully, yet in others, your health and wealth can suffer.

Take the quiz to discover which of the FOUR main energy archetypes your home has.⠀

Here's what you'll discover in your quiz results

  • There are TWO main energy forces: Positive and Negative
  • There are FOUR possible combinations that these TWO energies can produce
  • These FOUR archetypes affect your health and wealth in different ways!
Creating your dream life has everything to do with how your environment is supporting you - and very little to do with how much you're hustling to make things happen. 

Did you know that science has found a link between earth earth and health and wealth?
All the positive thinking in the world cannot help if you live in a place that has poor quality earth energy!

You and your energetic environment work in a partnership.

Get a deeper understanding on what's happening in your home & life. No more guesswork - you'll know exactly where the problem lies!
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