The Pathway to 
Power and Purpose

A Journey Through the Sacred Labyrinth

If you are new to sacred space and ancient magic this is an ideal opportunity to embrace this enigmatic energy alchemy tool, used by many civilisations around the world in the past and present day.

Labyrinths are amazing tools that work REAL magic.

They bring worlds together - the seen and unseen, the rational and the intuitive.
They are a form of sacred space that enables us to transition between our conscious and spiritual modes of being.

Labyrinths are an ancient tool that can be used in our contemporary lives for those looking to problem solve on a spiritual level, away from the analytical strive-drive hustle culture modalities.

Energy alchemy helps you face todays challenges and make decisions that you don't have to heal from in the future.

Using the journey of the labyrinth, Universal Laws and a step by step process to ground you fully into your core the masterclass invites you on a path of discovery to arrive at a new kind of knowing.


For centuries labyrinths have been connected with the journey through life. Whilst they may appear a simple unicursal path, on which it is impossible to get lost,  the inner that is impossible to comprehend from the outside.

The Labyrinth is not only a mirror, it is also a space for experience - space for possibilities, space for new discovery and learning processes.

This symbol of scared space was invented in the mists of prehistory by a culture that functioned on quite differently levels of consciousness that we do today.

These magical paths weave together our analytical and rational consciousness with our intuitive and spiritual awareness.

Using imaginative journeying, quantum manifestation, Universal Laws, chakra activation, together with rational and intuitive thinking you will take a unique journey into inner space to face your unique challenges and manifest solutions.

The Pathway to Power & Purpose is a unique energy alchemy experience that engages both the rational and intuitive minds that will give you the clarity and confidence to claim your full inner power to quantum leap your success…

… to finally manifest your new reality.
… giving yourself the gift of attention to listen to your soul and aligning to the impact you came here to make

… giving yourself the time and freedom to reconnect and reset your mind, energy and connection to self and Source 

… emerging from a deeply transformative and sensory experience with the mindset (and strategies) you need to follow your hearts desires.

... connecting deeply with unseen helpers - your higher self, angels, guides and loving spirits, Divine Presence.

... quantum leaping your energy and manifestation
Do you feel overwhelmed by the changes you need to make to your life?

Do you know you have so much more to offer but you're just not showing up as your best self?

Do you feel that 'problem solving' isn't your strength?

​Do you wish you can access support and guidance from your Soul and Source?

My promise to you is that the Pathway to Power & Purpose will be unlike any energy and mindset techniques you’ve experienced before.

  • Complete clarity
  • ​Soul knowing
  • ​Divine Guidance
  • ​Manifestation
I’m giving you the strategies and tools you need to experience sovereignty and autonomy when faced with a challenge.

The Pathway to Power & Purpose
A Journey through the Sacred Labyrinth

Only £9.99 GBP

I know with everything going on in the world right now, investing in yourself may not be priority. 

I get it.

That's why I've created this incredible resource at a very accessible price.

We're dealing with conflict, political upheaval, and economic stress. 
The world needs solutions that come from our soul not global elites.

And that starts with each of us stepping into soul led self leadership.

It's time for a new way of being.  Aligned with creation and consciousness.
Let go of the analytical strategic mind and allow yourself to be carried by intuition, divine guidance and feminine wisdom.

To deal with what life throws at us we need to be the best version of ourselves - to have a toolkit of personal awareness, strength and resilience that allows us to make the best decisions possible in difficult times.

The Pathway to Power & Purpose will guide you through the sacred space of a labyrinth into your inner sacred space.  It is a soul centred practical and energetic approach to problem solving and decision making.

The Pathway to Power & Purpose
A Journey through the Sacred Labyrinth

Only £9.99 GBP

What do my clients say?

 Get ready for magic, mystery and miracles! 
Honestly, life changing! You weren't shitting when you said "value"!  
Game changer, life changer, earth changer lol. Feeling a level of sovereignty for the first time. 
 I cannot beleive how productive, thought provoking and powerful this program is. 
Fay always has time for her students  
I was unprepared for the impact this experience had on me. Wow! 
 It's the best thing I could have done, I can't say any more except prepare for epiphanies!  
I honestly can't say enough about the effect this program has had on my business and life in general.  

The Pathway to Power & Purpose
A Journey through the Sacred Labyrinth

Only £9.99 GBP

What is The Pathway to Power & Purpose? A unique 37 page workbook that will guide you in the use of the creation and use of this powerful form a sacred space.

Sacred space provides us with the opportunity to give our endeavours the best chance of success due to the higher vibrational energy they hold.

The workbook provides a ritual journey into the sacred labyrinth, an experience for anyone who wants to learn from the past, live in the present and build for the future.

The workbook takes you on a virtual journey into a 7 circuit labyrinth.  This ancient form of sacred space has many uses, but in this experience we will be using each path to focus on a the issue as its present itself in your life from a mental, physical, emotional, spiritual perspective.  We will be working in multidimensional space, by connecting the 7 paths, to the 7 Universal Laws and you  in your chakras centres to open a channel for Divine guidance from your Soul and Source.

The journey into and out of the labyrinth will take you from confusion and inaction, to clarity and action.

This experiential and transformative journey is for anyone who is ready to create from their intuition and act with intention.

The Pathway to Power & Purpose will help you nurture the seeds of growth within, with a practise you can use again and again...

It’s for those who: 
- want to explore the Universal Laws
- feel the pull on ancient magic
- are being called to a see beyond the visible horizon.  
- are ready to create change in their lives and add their voices to the rising tide of positivity in challenging times.  

We are experiencing the unravelling of incoherent, misaligned, misdirected and unsustainable systems and structures in the fabric of our lives.  

This incredible workbook will enable you to create coherency in your own life, so you can be both a container and mirror of the society you want to see and be a part of.

My goal is that you’ll emerge from the labyrinth with soul leadership and energy intelligence skills to create quantum leaps in your life.

The Pathway to Power & Purpose
A Journey through the Sacred Labyrinth

Only £9.99 GBP


Do I need access to an outdoor labyrinth?
No, you will be using a labyrinth workbook.  You will be provided with a PDF printable labyrinth, but you will also be crafting you own so you will need paper, colouring pencils, pens or crayons.  The creation activities are part of the process and encourage creating and imaginative thinking.
Do you offer refunds?
Due to instant access nature of the workbook we do not offer refunds.

The last few years have presented us with challenges that none of us expected.  Many of us have experienced great change, and are facing more.

Change involves making decisions.  It could be about what promotion to go for, when to launch your own business, where to live, whether to continue in a relationship... and so, so much more!

It is our decisions that create the reality we come to experience, for good or bad.  We arrive at any decision based our problem solving abilities.  How many times have you made a decision that you have come to deeply regret later? I know I have!  When I've made some of the poorest decisions in my life I was doing so from a place of fear and avoidance. My rational mind took control.  I did not engage my spiritual side, my intuition or ask for divine guidance.

And the results sucked, big time.

Since I began my journey into soul leadership and quantum manifestation I have developed a toolkit that enables me to make decisions and take aligned action that stem from my both rational AND intuitive mind, my masculine AND feminine energy.

I want to share this powerful labyrinth tool with you as I genuinely believe that this is the time to have spiritual conscious self leadership.

You are doing yourself and your community a disservice by not stepping up and embracing the soul led success and abundance that is available to you.

One last question...

How much do you want self transformation?

You can spend ages agonising over challenges and decisions, unsure which way to leap...

Or you can say...

"I'm ready. I'm in"

The Pathway to Power & Purpose
A Journey through the Sacred Labyrinth

Only £9.99 GBP

It's time to unleash your consciousness and personal energy.

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