Activate the Abundance Energy in Your  Home, Life & Business!

Is this where you are right now?

  • You’ve reached a plateau in your life, and you just can’t put your finger on what it is.
  • ​You’re doing the work.
  • ​You’re putting in the hours, AND you’re showing up the best you can.
  • ​But you're not moving forward
  • ​It’s like you’re pushing up against an invisible wall in your career, your relationships
     and your health.
  • ​And no matter how hard you try, you simply can’t breakthrough.
  • ​You're ready to commit to yourself on a new level to get next-level results?
  • ​You feel like you're at war with your bank account
  • ​Financial struggles are holding you back from living your souls purpose..

I hear you!

Your environment is essential to your health, wealth and happiness.  You and it are partners, and like all good relationships you must work in harmony in order for you to attract, create and manifest the greatest levels of abundance in ALL areas of you life..

  Ironically, even with all the business, life and personal coaching available to us, most of us are working ourselves frantic, trying to make more money, grow our business, get more clients, create health relationships and generally feel ease and flow in our lives!  How did it all get so hard!

The good news is you are surrounded by energy, you just need to set-it up to receive abundance. through the power of Geomancy!  This is an ancient tried and tested tool that can make your efforts 1000x easier! 

I joined the Abundance Energy Academy at a time in my life where I felt completely lost and unsettled in a new house. ...

I was doing so many of the right things when it came to my own personal belief system, growth and mindset yet I still felt so stuck...

And it didn’t take long for Fay to work out what the problem was, the house I had made my home was overrun with creative feminine energy and there was a serious lack of the productive masculine energy I needed to make my dreams a reality 

The impact on my business has been quite profound too, I have welcomed many women on to the multiple courses I have created since unblocking the energy of my home and I have started a support group for survivors of domestic abuse which is having the most amazing impact on the lives of the women who attend. I have also developed a range of products for my online shop which generates an income for me whilst I sleep!

Michelle Stonhill - Millionaire Mentor And Founder Of Fierce Faith

"Get ready for magic, mystery and miracles"

Geomancy is a method used around the world in various forms by people who enjoy considerable wealth and abundance.
Many of you will be familiar with Feng Shui, the eastern form of Geomancy, but there are many modalities that each work with the energy in our environment to attract 'health and wealth'

We can all tap into this creative and generative energy that is all around to create homes and business that fulfil our dreams

Geomancy is not just for the 'woo' types, whilst it can be seen as a spiritual practise, it can equally be used for those wishing to attract more money, wealth and prosperity.
Geomancy is all about energy, and the 'things' you want, are all 'energy'.

BUT, sometimes the energy in our environment becomes blocked, or simply is not set up to attract all the good things in life.  The energy of your environment can prevent you from achieving your goals - more clients, a profitable business to following your life path and embodying your souls purpose

Every aspect of your life is anchored energetically into your immediate environment, and Geomancy brings alignment between these inner and outer worlds.

When you live and work in an unbalanced environment everything is effort, its like being a hamster wheel.  No matter how fast you go, how hard you push, you don't actually go anywhere! 

Geomancy is about enhancing the energy in your environment so you can get 10x the results for the exact same effort!

It’s an opportunity to create en environment that mirrors and supports your goals and desires! 
NOW is the time to start creating the life and success your deserve! 

Geomancy enables you to enhance your environment so that its attracts everything you want — and repels everything you don't!

What many people don't is that an unbalanced environment can be the invisible saboteur that blocking the life of abundance that you crave!

This is why I do what I do.  I've been stuck in scarcity and lack.

I’ve created an step-by-step programme, to heal or neutralise unhelpful energies of your environment, to harmonise the helpful energy and then we go then extra mile and enhance that energy so that it's super charged for success!


Fay is known as the creator of SPIRITUAL GEOMANCY, a blend of earth energy healing and spiritual techniques helping heart centred, soulful individuals work collaboratively with Gaia consciousness whilst creating an environment that supports their body, mind and soul.

As a gifted psychic and seer of energy, Abundance Energy Academy combines Fay's ability to see and communicate with other realms with comprehensive, grounded spiritual strategies to connect you consciously to these quantum fields of information. 

So what does it feel like to live in an aligned environment?

  • Improved mental, physical and emotional well-being
  • ​Improved relationships
  • ​A sense of ease
  • ​A feeling of flow
  • ​More opportunity
  • ​More clients
  • ​More money and wealth
I changed my desk and my workstation based on finding the energy and I now work in one part of the house where me creativity works now instead of feeling all the brain fog. So knowing where to be in the house really made a difference for me.

An energetically enhanced environment gives you the ULTIMATE advantage in attracting abundance!


How do you know energy balancing is right for you?

Have you done all the inner work?
Have you spent a fortune on business or life coaching?
Have you spent hours meditating, visualising, journaling and trying to stay 'high vibe' ?

Or consulting Oracle cards, performing rituals,  at the moon and anything else you hoped would bring a shift in your life... but still not seen any results?
The biggest thing is that I do not feel powerless anymore, I do not feel powerless over my finances, I do not feel powerless over my relationships. I do now feel powerless of stuff piling up on the counter!   

I started to detach from stuff I had carried emotionally for a long extra benefit that I just not expect.

I honestly believe that the transformation in me would not have happened if I had just hired someone to tell me where to put or move something.  I gained so much more. 

If you're here...fate has led you through because you have questions that needs to be answered and I think sometimes we pay lip service to answers and just skim over... you do honour to yourself if you really solve a problem once and for all."

Choose a payment plan that's right for you!

[My house] just feels open and airy.  There's a difference in the feeling in the air and I can't even put that into words properly


Abundance Energy Academy
A personalized, specific and prescriptive program to enhance your environment unique energy blueprint, the hotspots which attract are enhance and the energy that repels your dreams get bespoke solutions, so you can go full throttle to manifest your dreams and desires!

Geomancy is not a "one size fits all" practise, each environment has its own character, as we do, and your relationship to your environment is unique to you.  When you enrol in Energy Academy we work together to dig deep into whats going on in your environment, to develop bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

It's about taking power of my physical space, that helped me to take responsibility of my business, my relationships and my finances.


The core course consists of 9 comprehensive training modules, plus countless resources and workbooks in the online student portal.
Weekly Q&A with Fay
Worksheets & Checklists 
Customized Report for Your Home 
Support within the private Facebook Group.

You get access to the all materials in the student portal for 6 months.
You get access to the Weekly Q&A and Facebook Group for 3 months.

The effect of the programme has been in two parts.  I've learned huge amounts  about the Energy surrounding both my house and the the land and the whole environment but also its a process of personal transformation.

  When I look back... my attitude has gone through 180 degrees for the better.

The improvements in the house energy have been huge for all sorts of reasons.

This course is very different from anything else I've seen online.  Much more practical, much more down to earth, well thought out and taught.

It works, it really works."
Fay is brilliant at expressing these rather intangible things in words and practise, and that's brilliant!  It doesn't matter what sort of background you have it's accessible.  Please go and do it!
Abundance Energy Academy Curriculum

Weekly Coaching Calls

Live Weekly Coaching Calls are held Monday through Friday where Fay gives you targeted feedback and advice based on your goals and your next steps. These discussions are energy in your home and business, the spirit of your business, timely and appropriate action, working with larger cosmic influences. Join as many as you need!

Customised Energy Plan

Nothing about AEA is cookie cutter. Your will get a personalize energy plan to your environment to guide you toward what you need to be learning & implementing, step by step. Fay will help you leverage your creativity & intuition with cutting-edge strategy.

Spiritual Geomancy Training on Everything You Need!

We guarantee that AEA is the only online spiritual geomancy education you’ll need to buy. Our content, weekly coaching calls, and training covers everything you need under one roof & is constantly updated, so you stay on the cutting edge of everything that’s happening in the field of conscious connection and spirituality. Access the trainings via our student portal, so you can learn any time, anywhere.


Weekly Accountability to work through the program and achieving your connection to energy and expanded awareness. Reach out to Fay for support through the accountability forms and the coaching calls.

Feedback & Critique Sessions

We offer weekly live advisory calls where you can get one-on-one feedback on your progress. You’re not a number here. We get to know you and your energetic environment intimately.
This isn’t just Q&A. It’s mentorship, strategy, and hands-on support - every step of the way.


Choose The Abundance Energy Academy Payment
Plan Thats Right For You

Most flexible

12  monthly payments of £185 GBP

Easy pay

6 monthly payment of £350 GBP

Best Value

One payment of £1997 GBP
Module 1

The Supportive Environment

• How to create a floor plan, perform your initial survey and submit your results to Fay to we can create your personalised solution.
• The No. 1 reason you’re struggling to make your dreams come alive 
• How to leverage Geomancy when other members of your family are not supportive

Module 2

Abundance energy in your home

In this module, you’ll learn:
• What are the abundance areas in your home
• How to get systematic with decluttering
• How to locate you energy 'power centre'
• The essential rules for holding money and all the good things in you life.
Module 3

Yang/masculine/sun/fire energy

In this module, you’ll learn:
• How to locate Yang Energy in your environment 
• How to plot the Yang energy through your environment
• Seasonal changes and lunar changes to look out for!

Module 4

Yin/feminine/moon/water energy

In this module, you’ll learn:
• How to locate Yin Energy in your environment
• How to plot the Yin energy through your environment
• Seasonal and lunar changes to look out for!
Module 5

Detrimental and Beneficial Energy

In this module, you’ll learn:
• How unbalanced Yin and Yang energy blocks abundance
• How to assess the quality of the energy
• How to work effectively with your 'power centre'
• The hidden effects of modern technology
• The beneficial effect of energy to flow, ease and abundance

Module 6

The Spirit of Your Home

In this module, you’ll learn:
• What is the Spirit of you Home
• How to connect with the Spirit
• A meditation to help you connect to the Spirit
• Developing a co-operative relationship
• Your homes appropriate and contemporary boundaries and purpose
• The role of gratitude
• Gaining clarity

Module 7

Earth Consciousness Stress

In this module, you’ll learn:
• Spirit of your home is real
• Place memory
• Human conflict or emotional trauma
• Human manifested energy forms
• The more-than-human realms of nature spirits, devas and elemental beings

Module 8

Healing, Harmonising and Enhancing

In this module, you’ll learn:
• How to locate the energy points to access for healing
• The key techniques for harmonising you environment
• The surprising thing to do enhance the abundance energy!
• Why continued assessment needs to be scheduled into your diary

Module 9

Geomancy throughout the year

In this module, you’ll learn:
• The simple system for working with the Sun and Moon
• How to work with the changing phases of energy through the year
• The importance of building a relationship with your environment

Weekly Live Q&A with Fay

Watch Lives and Environments Transformed!

Get your real time questions answered by Fay.

While Abundance Energy Academy isn’t a one-on-one coaching program, you’re DEFINITELY going to have questions and you’ll need them answered by a professional, which is why we’ve got built in support to ensure you never get stuck.
• Weekly (yes every week) of Q&A group coaching support to help you put your remedies in place and get your life transformation underway!
• You’ll have the option to ask hyper-specific questions about your *personalized* energy plan, plus you’ll learn a ton hearing the questions from your fellow students
Working with Fay normally requires an investment starting at £12,000GBP (and it’s completely worth it, as her clients will tell you!), but you’ll be able to refer back to her library the Q&A sessions as many times as you like.

Most flexible

12  monthly payments of £185 GBP

Easy pay

6 monthly payment of £350 GBP

Best Value

One payment of £1997 GBP
Self talk is good, but it's really being able to sit and say 'Okay, why am I feeling this? What is my environment trying to tell me? What are these things telling me?

This course has given me the tools to work with the energy in my home and ... really shift through a lot of things to move forward.

The tools this program has given me enable to do show up much more authentically."
What would I say to other women thinking about joining? I'd say Jump right in! Don't hesitate!!
Get started now!
Abundance Energy Academy
Almost Complete...

Most flexible

12  monthly payments of £185 GBP

Easy pay

6 monthly payment of £350 GBP

Best Value

One payment of £1997 GBP

Choose a payment plan that's right for you

The energy in your home wants you to work with.  It needs you help to heal, find balanced and be enhanced.  No matter what changes occur in your environment you will have the tools and know how to keep on top on and detrimental effects AND ensure your home and office energy is 100% supportive AT ALL TIMES.

Energy does not fix itself, and with increasing societal development it gets more stressed.  Once learnt you can apply these techniques to every home you own or live in!
Purchase with peace!
Try Abundance Energy Academy for 14 days from the commencement of the programme with our
It can be very frustrating to invest in many things yet still not gain the results you are after. This is why I have created this Programme and it’s why I offer such an exceptional guarantee.
From the date the course commences you have a full 14 days to work with me and see if the Abundance Energy Academy is right for you. If it’s not right for you and we have not worked on or issued your personal report I’ll gladly refund your money. If your report has been worked on or issued to you a £100 administration fee will apply.
No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings.
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